What do winegrowers do when they have an important anniversary to celebrate? That's right! They create a totally extraordinary wine—and actually, the Douro Boys have just created two of them: a red wine, Douro Boys Cuvée 2011, and a fortified wine, Douro Boys Vintage Port 2011.

The brilliant 2011 vintage has produced magnificent port wines; it is even quite possibly one of the greatest vintages ever.

The Douro Boys have chosen the most promising port cask of this vintage from each quinta, and from these created a vintage port that harkens back to the great wines of the 1970s: a vintage port that's already impressive, but which will most likely achieve its true greatness only after twenty or thirty years have passed. With this, the Douro Boys are making a clean break with fashion, which recently has dictated that vintage port must also be pleasant and drinkable when young. The Douro Boys Vintage Port 2011 is most definitely targeted to the next and following generations of wine-lovers— and for wine merchants, restaurateurs and parents who are not thinking only about the near-term.

Douro Boys Vintage Port 2011 will be bottled in two hundred and fifty magnums, and will be offered exclusively in the course of the auction on 13 September 2013.