All the way to the east, in the Upper Douro right up against the Spanish border, lies the Quinta do Vale Meão, which Francisco (Vito) Olazabal directs, along with his son Xito (oenology) and his daughter Luisa (sales). Vale Meão was the last great project of Dona Antonia. She acquired this land from the insolvent municipality, and was able—helped by thousands of guest-workers from Spain—to construct a very respectable wine estate in the shortest imaginable amount of time. People thought that this was an indication that she'd become old and daft, but it turned out to be the sign of great entrepreneurial perspicacity when the railroad to Pocinho was built, and Meão then had—by means of this made-to-measure logistical solution—the ideal means of transport at their disposal. Since 1999, Vito and his children have developed the Quinta do Vale Meão into a leading estate, not just in the Douro, but in all of Portugal.

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