Quinta do Vale Meão

Would you like to be enchanted by the past and present of a wonderful Quinta in the Douro region? Then come and visit the Olazabal family. Not only do they produce amazing and highly rated wines but visiting this diamond of a spot is truly an experience of a lifetime.

All the way to the east, in the Upper Douro Valley right at the Spanish border, lies Quinta do Vale Meão.

By now the great-great-great-grandson of Dona Antónia, winemaker and Douro Boy, Francisco (Xito) Olazabal carries on her legacy at the Douro winery, Quinta do Vale Meão. His father Francisco (Vito) Olazabal acts as the director of the Quinta, his sister Luisa takes care of exports and marketing and Jaime of the national market.

Harvest for harvest, the four descendants honor their heritage while always looking for advantageous innovations with each new vintage. Doing this, they turned the property into one of the most successful not only in the Douro Valley, but anywhere in Portugal.




The legendary Grande Dame of the Douro, Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, bought 270 hectares of land back in 1877, situated in Vila Nova de Foz Côa.

Back then the region was difficult to reach, but Dona Antónia had a strong intuition that turned out right: The region is perfect for growing vines and after the construction of the railway to Pocinho, it was much easier to reach this unique and breathtaking spot. Check out our trip advice on how to visit this incredible winery.

The creation of the vineyards back then on this untouched land took a full 8 years. With the help of thousands of Spanish guest-workers, she constructed the wine estate in the shortest imaginable amount of time. It was the last project of Dona Antónia and it is recognized by Douro historians to be her most significant one as it was her own creation from the beginning to end.

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Are you looking for an enlightening wine-discussion paired with a stay in one of the best and most architecturally pleasing hotels in the whole Douro? Then you have to visit the Ferreiras! Their passion for the region is contagious and you will not leave the valley without being impressed by the local cuisine with fruit and vegetables from their own garden.

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Vilarinho dos Freires
5050 - 364 Peso da Régua Portugal

Tel: +351 254 323147
Email: geral@quintadovallado.com
Web: www.quintadovallado.com

Some experts call Niepoort is the initiator of the modern Douro. Consequently, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to try his wines in their home. Although the gape elixir is always on their creative minds, you might catch one of the Niepoorts for an inspiring chat about their globally acclaimed wines.

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Quinta de Nápoles 
Niepoort Winery 
5110-543 Santo Adrião - Douro
 (GPS: 41°14’87.85”N / 7°64’30.94”W)

Tel. +351 223 777 770

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Niepoort Wine Cellar 
Rua de Serpa Pinto, 278 4400-307
Vila Nova de Gaia - Porto
Tel: +351 223 777 770
Email: serpa.pinto@niepoort.pt

All Year: Prior reservation required 

In addition to the impressive quality of the wines, you won’t forget a meeting with the Roquettes: Their hospitality and joie de vivre, combined with the mystical location of the winery are an experience not to be missed!

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5060-063 Sabrosa

Tel: +351 254 920 020
Email : crasto@quintadocrasto.pt
Web: www.quintadocrasto.pt

Cristiano van Zeller is one of the Douro Valley’s most important ambassadors. With great passion and convincing authority, he spins tales like no other. Cristiano is the communicator par excellence and leaves and indelible image of the Douro and its wines all over the world.

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Email: cristianovanzeller@vanzellersandco.com

You want to drink the same wine as the royalty of China? Then come and visit the Olazábals. Not only do they produce amazing and highly-rated wines, but you have to experience this diamond of a spot!

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Vila Nova de Foz Côa
5150-501 Vila Nova de Foz Côa

Tel: +351 279 762 156
Email: geral@quintadovalemeao.pt
Web: www.quintadovalemeao.pt
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